Jeep Avenger



The new Avenger, the first 100% electric Jeep®, was already a success. This ground breaking model is available as an all electric or with a petrol powerplant. The Avenger is ready to redefine the future of mobility, setting new standards for small SUVs all around the world.



Adventure is exploring borders, finding yourself in a whole new world. The distinctive 18" wheels combine perfectly with the muscular shapes of the most compact electric Jeep®, completely shielded by the 360° bodywork protections.

The aesthetics translate the personality of this new Jeep®: the profiles of the seven-slot grille, the contrasting black roof that underlines its presence and the full-LED headlights front and rear make the Avenger a car recognisable at first glance.

Jeep - Avenger



The modern and digital interior of the new Jeep® Avenger combines a sense of freedom while driving, functionality and an unprecedented connectivity experience. You won’t be able to believe how many items you can take on board with you: the compartments available offer you, taken together, the same space as hand luggage. Smartphones, house keys, water bottles, beauty cases or sunglasses, everything you need will find a place on board the Avenger. To face everyday life or a weekend away, you can count on an intelligent and well-organised space for all your needs.

Each trip becomes an adventure to be experienced. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy every moment thanks to the heated and welcoming seats in the exclusive yellow and black colour, the yellow details on the dashboard and the ambient lights that translate your emotions into colour.




Enjoy a stress-free driving experience. The first 100% electric Jeep® takes traditional Jeep ® performance and fun into a new electric dimension. Drive easily: 3 minutes of charging is enough to guarantee you 30 km of range with 100 kW DC fast charging – so you can top up your average daily consumption in your coffee break.

Feel free to choose the best charging solution for you: thanks to Avenger you can have a complete ecosystem of charging solutions. When you get tired of the routine, get out of the city and experience emission-free freedom behind the wheel of your new SUV.



When we’re looking for a new car, we don’t just think about what we like, we choose a car that looks like us. The new Jeep® Avenger stands out for its determination and spirit of adventure, in compact dimensions. The presence of Selec-Terrain™ and the Hill Descent Control system allows you to adapt your driving style to the weather conditions you’ll be facing: rain, snow, slippery surfaces, the new Jeep ® Avenger thanks to its generous attack angle will allow you to face even the most extreme conditions.



The new Jeep® Avenger simplifies your every journey and takes your driving experience to a new level. Its latest generation driver assistance systems help you keep the right distance from the vehicle in front and stay in the centre of the lane thanks to an active intervention on the steering wheel*. On board the new Jeep® Avenger you can count on two 10.25″ displays: the 100% digital cluster and the Uconnect™ infotainment system. In addition, you can easily connect to your smartphone and recharge it safely while driving thanks to wireless charger

*Level 2 Autonomous Driving only available in electric version

Electric energy consumption Jeep® Avenger Full-Electric range (kWh/100km): 15,9 – 15,3; CO2 emission (g/km): 0. Type approval values determined on the basis of the WLTP combined cycle, updated as of December 6th, 2022. The values indicated are for comparative purposes.

Important: the actual electric energy consumption values may be strongly different and may vary depending upon the conditions of use and on various factors such as: options, frequency of electric recharge per travelled kilometers, ambient temperature, driving style, speed, total weight, use of certain equipment (air conditioning, heating, radio, navigation, lights etc.), tyre types and conditions, road conditions, external climatic conditions, etc. Autonomy Jeep® Avenger Full-Electric range: 404 – 389 km. Type approval value determined on the basis of the WLTP combined cycle, updated as of December 6th, 2022. The value indicated is for comparative purposes.​ Important: the actual autonomy may be strongly different and may vary according to: options, conditions of use of the car (driving style, speed, total weight, etc.), use of certain equipment (air conditioning, heating, etc.), tyre types, road conditions, external climatic conditions.

For further specific and detailed information about electric autonomy of Jeep® Avenger Full-Electric range and the various factors influencing such electric autonomy please refer to Jeep® Official Website.